CDR: Audio Immolation Industries 01 [2005]
Ltd x 125

Richard Ramirez:
Legion (Version I)
Legion (Version II)
Legion (Version III)

Fire In The Head:
Sewn Shut
Fear Becomes Complacency
One Last Breath

Cladding Leather Jesus…or is it Black Leather Jesus…easily mixed up…and…drum roll please maestro…Michael Page. On the same CD. Never thought I would see that ever happening. But it has and here’s the proof. Before you read this abortion of a literary mess that a seven year old could better may I lead you to the review of the F/I/T/H release "Screams for the mute" first [read here]. If you’ve read it then here are a couple of facts for you to digest. "Screams for the mute" was recorded between July - November 2004. The three tracks by F/I/T/H for this split release was recorded in July 2005. Will the dynamic Mr Page turn over a new leaf as previously stated? You’ll find out soon enough.

First up on this split we have three tracks from Mr ‘What do you mean you’ve never heard of me’ Ramirez. Titled Legion versions 1-3 there’s not a lot to say about them. Apart from as an exercise in brain fucking through extreme electronics it works a treat. Three tracks of sonic belligerence that would have the local noise abatement society wetting themselves. Three tracks of electrical static high frequency oomph. A kick up the arse and a kick to the head…times three. He wears his influences well does Mr Ramirez whilst imprinting his own thought processes into the music. A painful and guilty pleasure best sampled alone.

Michael meantime serves up three tracks of differing quality. The first track ‘Sewn shut’ sounds like very much like old style F/I/T/H…but with added audible slightly distorted vocals. Heck there’s even a lyrics sheet included so you can sing along with the extreme noise. Altogether now…‘One more lie and I’ll have you sewn shut’. Very catchy but I can’t see it making a dent in the pop charts. Track two ‘Fear becomes complacency’ has the very extreme noise dynamic set over an ambient style drone. No proper vocals but textured screams…or are they…intermixed with the electronics. The music is given sufficient scope and room to develop and grow. A welcome and interesting change of pace before being rudely brought back down to earth with a shattering bump with the last track ‘One last breath’. Here’s the extreme noise once again. Here’s the buried vocals. No sing-a-long this time. Not that there was with the first. It’s called sarcasm folks. In fact we’re back to square one wit h the noise we’ve grown accustomed to with all F/I/T/H recordings.

Which begs the question. Apart from ‘Fear becomes complacency’, which attempts a slight detour from previous outings, where is the great musical change with regards to F/I/T/H which I was looking forward to hearing? Not that I’m disappointed in any way. Old style F/I/T/H is better that no F/I/T/H. Is the F/I/T/H story taking another twist? Only Michael knows the answer. Rest assured I’ll keep you posted on developments. Until then all you noise fiends out there can get your rocks off on this mutilating deranged debasement.


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