CD: Cold Meat Industry CMI138 [2005]

Sub Specie Aeternitatis.
Archetypon Ataraxi.
The External World.
Reflectio Mediato.
Arbitaire Emotion.
The Maturation of Nature.
Death Pit of Ur.
Hell is Trembling, and the Gates of Death.
Le Temp et L'espace.
The Verge of Somnolence.
Forgotten Mound.
Summoning the Void.

Peter Andersson returns with his 10th CD release with a look back in time to this project's earlier material. I say this project because Peter also releases music as Stratvm Terror, Necrophorus, Atomine Elektrine, Panzar, Bocksholm, Svasti-Ayanam, Cataclyst and Grismannen. An impressive roster if ever there was one. What makes Peter rather more special and standout(ish) is that every project is suitably different in musical style. Be it forays into experimental or power noise or EBM and others he’s always different, always willing to try out new ideas and never afraid to take chances. The gambler who holds all the aces.

This release isn’t to be confused with the 13-track same-named recording put out by the Bloodless Creations record label of Australia. "Reflections from the time of opening" covers 20 tracks of the musical birth and journey of Raison D’etre from compositions from 1991 up to 2004. All tracks have been carefully remastered and cleaned up so the sounds are pristine to the ear. Tracks 1 through 14 feature the earlier recordings from 1991. A time of development. A time to experiment with different ideas and instruments. A time to spread out the blueprint and create the template for future releases. Tracks 15 through 17 were composed in 1997 with 18 & 19 going back to 1992. The last track bringing the package neatly, or as near as can be, up to date with a 2004 piece. To dissect in minute detail each individual track is a task which time and space doesn’t allow but in a perfect world a thousand word dissertation is the least this body of work deserves.

Covering neo classical / black ambience and electronic sounds capes, which all sound totally vibrant and alive even after so many years have passed, the music is the usual enlivening mixture which we‘ve come to expect. Bells will toll. Medieval ambience rushing headlong in a collision course with the 22nd century. Mixing choirs with drum heavy lead pieces through exquisite orchestrations and experimental ambience and onto the pitch harrowing blackness Peter covers all this ground with aplomb. Rich and dark all the pieces are full of grandeur and eloquence and emotionally intensifying. He conjures up feelings of total elation and heart tugging sadness at the drop of a hat. He’s a chameleon who can change colour whenever the mood takes him. He is and forever will be a true legend of the dark ambient world. A must have, of course, for Peter obsessives everywhere…I know they exist…and a perfect toe tipping introduction into his visionary past / present for those yet too scared to take the full plunge into his world.


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