CD: Cold Meat Industry CMI158 [2006]

Metamorphyses I
Metamorphyses II
Metamorphyses III
Metamorphyses IV
Metamorphyses V

The seventh release for Peter Anderson’s project, and the follow up proper to his "Requiem for Abandoned Souls" release [read review here], sees a change, not by any means a drastic one, in direction from him. Where once you could have expected a thumping neo classical assault to the senses - with assorted choirs and dark ambience mixed in - now that has been replaced, partially I might add, by this far more experimental sound. A sound drenched in drones, metal scrapings, dripping water, chunky clunks (try saying that when you’re ripped to the tits on your favourite drug of choice) and a Berlin wall, before it collapsed, sized proportioned of blackest ambience. The sound of a re-birth and transformation. Of dramatic physical change. Of morphing into something beautiful and desirable. Close your eyes and prepare to enter the unknown realms of your imagination. "Metamorphyses" marks another triumphant return for Raison D’etre.

There is, of course, a background story to "Metamorphyses" that is worth explaining. The press release describes it thus: "Transformation is the key to the psyche. Breath and feeling intertwined is the given links for the search of inner wisdom and to unlock the hidden inside us". It goes on some more, but space is at a premium, before ending: "‘Metamorphyses’ is a key to the psyche". Easily explained, sort of, but does the music match up to le grande ideas?

Split into 6 tracks, cunning titled Metamorphyses I - VI, they vary in length from under 2 minutes to 14 + minutes… although these timings matter not as each composition is a masterpiece in unrefined elegance. I doubt anyone else apart from Peter could make rasping metal sounds feel so alive and sensual. Nor for that matter all the other diversified sounds he continually conjures up throughout the recording. This mixing of the highly charged and frantic with the calming and meditative music takes a little bit getting used to as it threatens to overload the listener with a bombardment of unusual sonics not usually associated with Raison D’etre. A schizophrenic musical panorama continually battling for dominance, it is a highly charged and atmospheric recording that oozes class from every pore.

But you really need to hear "Metamorphyses" for yourself to fully understand where Peter has taken this project. The unsettling effects coupled with the almost laid back and tranquil soundscapes makes for one strange, although ultimately rewarding, aural experience. Though not as easily accessible as his other work it holds a lingering fascination long after it’s finished which is hard to explain. Immerse yourself within its tight embrace and, provided you’re open minded, you’ll find you’ll rank it as one of the best Raison D’etre recordings to date.


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