CD: Cold Meat Industry CMI128 [2003]

In Abandoned Places
The Shadow of the Soul
Disintegrates from Within
Towards Desolation
Becoming the Void of Nothingness

This release is available with 5 different covers. Three years since their previous album "The Empty Hollow Unfolds" (excluding, of course, the 'lost' works of the 2002 album "Lost Fragments") this new material by the prolific Peter Andersson has been widely anticipated.

"In Abandoned Places" beckons us in with church bells tolling. A drone arises with an echoed and distorted, deep male voice, similar to that of a Gregorian chant and features on every track. Distant percussion, clanks and reversed samples give way to rumbling. It could only really be Raison D'Être! "The Shadow of the Soul" features chimes and strings with distant echoed drums. It is a melancholic piece with faint reversed samples; like a beautiful and haunting story being told. Around the halfway mark it picks up with more of the same Gregorian voice and the percussion becomes more prominent to end. "Disintegrates from Within" opens with chimes then an emerging drone. Clicking samples and metallic percussion makes it feel very industrial. Again the Gregorian voice joins in. The percussion and samples become louder becoming dense and quite abrasive at times. A magnificent track! "Towards Desolation" features electric drones and washes with light chimes becoming distorted. A very slow track interrupted by thunderous symbals and the now familiar Gregorian voice. Strings and echoed symbals give it the same melancholic feel of "The Shadow of the Soul". Then a powerful and emotive end as the sampling becomes more pominent. The final track "Becoming the Void of Nothingness" is my favourite track of the lot. A brilliant, steady and well-spaced out sweeping electronic sample reminds me of a pendulum. Metallic clanks come in and other samples slowly begin to fill the gaps between the pendulum. Synthetic washes and light percussion give it a minimal ambient atmosphere. The track builds up with some guitar drones and reminds me of Troum. Really sounds nothing like the usual Raison D'Être sound but is a fantastic track.

As expected with only five tracks, the songs are long. The main element of change I note is the evolution of the samples to the modern 'click and glitch' breed. Fans of the Raison D'Être or Arcana sound will not be disappointed.


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