CDR: Roil Noise RNOCDR002a [2005]

Godletting / Speak & Destroy
Tune Rapist
Dicks With Chicks
Melody Contortionist
Contaminational Front
Cattle Car Blues
Dead Technology
Desire For Strength
Discount Masll
A Weird Collection
Nurse With Whip
Shoggoth Energy
A Good Ol' Country Mangler
The Catfight Device
That Ain't Right
Old Tape Cutup #1
Old Tape Cutup #2
The House Of Lost Dreams
Stray Signal Interception
Hippy Shit
Null Mice

Once more its Wabbit season at AP. Elmer Fudd might get his cartoon knickers in a twist over all things rabbit but we here sat in our ivory towers can’t get enough of the long eared female ragamuffins. Here’s a quote from the Roilnoise website regarding this release: ‘Fans of rock, pop, R&B, alternative and country music will really hate this.’ By fuck those folks are on the ball. Never has a quote been so spot on. Here’s another line they could have used: ‘In the kingdom of the experimental only the original shall survive.’

Rabbit Girls have got their furry paws firmly on the pulse as far as releasing the aural equivalent of an LSD trip. Originally released back in 2000 (correct me if I’m wrong) this debut recording has now been re-mastered and put out once more for the adventurous spirits amongst you. Featuring 29 tracks of everything from splice and diced cut-ups / samples / electronic ambience / DIY buggery / noise and a whole lot more all within one neat concise package. With tracks lasting from 0.30 seconds up to a huge 5.28 seconds there’s never a dull moment down the burrow. Just when you think you’ve heard it all they go and throw another bewildering musical style into the works. Unlike "Hard Drive" which was a glitch beat strewn master class "Noisehell 2.0" is a thinking mans record. Stroke the chin and ponder at the speeded up / slowed downed weirdness emitting from the speakers. Nod in approval at the novel dissemination of everyday sounds. Don’t take it seriously. The Rabbit Girls haven’t and they made the fucking thing. Instead just enjoy the surreal moments. They are many and varied.

The DIY aesthetic has never appealed so much. Sure it sounds amateurish in places but that’s half the fun. Stick it on. Turn it off when you’ve had your fill or can’t take anymore. Experimental music will always divide opinion. You’re doing yourselves no favours if you don’t experience this genre at least once as it has so much going for it. "Noisehell 2.0" would be as good a place as any to start. Even Elmer the fat cunt would approve.


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