3" CDR: Roil Noise RNOCDR013 [2005]

Eating Out Of Boredom
Stress Fracture
Lost Hope Machine
Hard Drive (with Ctephin)
Hack Glitchery (with Ctephin)

The Rabbit Girls (and there’s no female bunnies in the group mores the pity) started away back in 1995 and have a bucket load of releases under their belts. The brainchild (or should that be the bastard child) of Noah Fleischman, with help from assorted friends, the project just keeps slogging on although you’ve probably never heard of them before. Keeping a profile lower than a rattlesnake in Missouri USA they have a home base at the Roil Noise record label which releases some of the best DIY electronics you’ll ever have the pleasure / miss pleasure to hear. It’s a personal taste thing. To each their own etc, etc, etc.

"Hard Drive" consists of 5 tracks lasting just under 18 minutes of the best / worst…delete as applicable…geeky computer aided tomfoolery where all manner of sounds are manipulated and cut n pasted into off kilter oddball combinations of rhythm and noise which is as quirky as it is immensely satisfying…depending on your point of view. They call it ‘Glitch’ music folks. Some would call it a ‘God awful racket’. Others with a more open mind would call it ‘Adventures into the sonic unknown’. I fall into the latter category. The mixture of samples and breakneck beats with all manner of electronic weirdness is a refreshing take on sound exploration experiments. You just gotta play it FUCKING LOUD to revel in the sheer inventive tub thumping craziness of it all. Not so much ‘far out there’ but more ‘shouldn’t even be there in the first place’. This is totally over the top spastic noise for spastic freaks of all denominations.

As a bonus…and a first for the Roil Noise label who aren’t the most inventive presentation wise…"Hard Drive" is packaged onto a piece of computer circuit board which is utter genius. Hard Drive. Computers. Get it? You should and you must.


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