3" CDR: Isolated Society IS004 [2003]

Frappé de la Lumière
En Pure Perte
Saisi Dieffroi

As with Pur Désir's "Pièce Premier", this is another absolutely essential little release to get your hands on. 'Frappé de la Lumière' opens the disc with threatening, dark ambient sonorities, great drones and choice percussion. Again, this I feel will appeal to fans of Cold Meat acts like Raison D'etre or Archon Satani. 'Perturber' brings more beautiful drones; this time with chimes, creating music reminiscent of Hazard or Atrium Carceri and especially gratifying for those fans of Raison D'etre's latest offerings on "Requiem for Abandoned Souls". More clanks and banging around move us into 'En Pure Perte' and some more fine dark ambience. This is the kind of song where the repeat button beckons, over and over. The track descends into echoed, water-like sampling, becoming quite a busy affair and I know fans of Inade will appreciate this. The last of the songs here is 'Saisi Dieffroi' - moaning dark ambient with low, warm washes turning into cold, windy samples reminding me of the early days of Ordo Equilibrio. I just can't get enough of this stuff - it's a real shame this is only 20 mins long.

My next question - when is there going to be a Pur Desir album?


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