3" CDR: Isolated Society

Romprant Le Silence
Le Fin Fond
Eau Morte

Pur Désir hail from Spain and are new to me but I'm hoping this isn't the last we're going to hear from them.

"Pièce Premier" opens with 'Èpurer': bleak, dark, brooding ambience with nice percussive breaks and (I'm guessing) the same Spanish female vocalist used in Profundo Tormento. The odd church bell here and there will definitely grab the attention of Raison D'être fans. 'Romprant Le Silence' contains more black ambience to begin with, but this time with a harsher feel. There's lots of banging around, spaced out samples and experimental bits - not really my kind of thing. However 'Le Fin Fond' grabs me in the right places: crawling dark ambient with a reverberating beat and a high-pitched grating effect. Excellent stuff. The extremely short fourth piece 'Renversè' salutes to Lustmord as does the last piece 'Eau Morte'. Very echoed and grating with crackles and clanking this release ends in the style of Cold Spring stalwarts Kerovnian.

Though not as well executed as Profundo Tormento's offering these two little babies should definitely be bought as a set - you simply cannot have one without the other!


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