3" CDR: Chondritic Sound CH-136 [2005]
Ltd x 110


As always when an item from unknown label / artist is slung my way for review I like to do a little background research of my own to help put it in context. And the fruits of my search seem to place Pulse Emitter a relatively new project, whom have been around since around 2002 & have issued some 15 releases on a slew of formats and labels. Likewise, the label themselves have issued over 150 releases from both known and obscure underground experimental artists. So having not come across either artist or label before there are certainly some malfunctioning radar issues at these headquarters! And essentially that is what I love about underground music – at the point you think you know most labels and artists within a certain scene, something like this release crops up to highlight how much more is going on then you could ever reasonably get your head around. Anyway I digress….

As for introduction to Pulse Emitter the 3” CD format is great to give a short and sharp representation of what they are about. With this in mind a single 20 minute piece is served up, showcasing a track of electronics tinged droning ambience. With insectile static buzzing and sparsely composed analogue synth melodies, the track forges an oppressive droning edge with occasional fragmented static outbursts. Likewise once the framework it set, the track crawls forward at catatonic pace by using mild variations to the key elements in order to gradual morph the atmosphere into slighty noiser passages. All in all a rather accomplished composition that contains a decent clarity & depth of sound.

Packaging comes in the form of a miniature jewelcase with abstract red/black image printed on silver paper to decent visual effect. All round this is a tidy little release in a limited run of 110 copies.


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