CD: Regain Records RR0311-043 [2004]

Trace Elements
Raining Vengeance
State Collapse
No Enemy
Bringer of Closure
Self Degredation
Resorting to War

"State Collapse" is Puissance's long awaited follow-up to "Total Cleansing" and it was worth the 3 years wait. The music is still the same great 'neo classical industrial' that the Swedish duo H. Möller and F. Söderlund have been doing before.

The album starts with 'Trace Elements' that already by the first two minutes of song, makes clear that the album will continue were "Total Cleansing" left off. Military themes and percursion with epic neoclassical synths, electronic beats and spoken vocals throught all the record (except on 'Raining Vengeance' where you can hear some singing).

Only two of the tracks don't follow this successful formula: the outro ('Chemical') which is more ambient oriented with no lyrics and some voice sampling on the background, synth choirs, and the title song 'State Collapse' which is a pure slow and beautyful neoclassical piece. It was originally released on the untitled Sorhin/Puissance split-7 (Svartvintras Productions) in 2003 with the title 'The Sword of Christ'. I guess the band realised that it wasn't a very fitting title and renamed it to 'State Collapse'.

The lyrics are now a bit more political oriented, but still keep the same misanthropy. Also the neoclassical parts are a bit more evidential and carefully arranged. Certainly an album to look forward and more interesting than the band's current side projects Arditi and Carinou (that is by the way the worst album i have heard this year, avoid like the plague).



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