CDR: Elvis Coffee Records ECR14 [2006]

All God's Children Got Space

And growing. Although these first two words means fuck all unless you’ve read the V/A - "The Eternal Present (An Elvis Coffee Records compilation)" review [read review here]. There is method in my madness. Or just madness. Only my psychiatrist knows the truth. And he’s not telling. But madness isn’t just confined to the individual. Oh no. The music world is full of fucking madness. Would someone please explain why an artist of the calibre of Ian Holloway… Mr Psychic Space Invasion himself… isn’t better known? Why he has to stick in the shadows of a cult record label… no offence Elvis Coffee Records… when lesser deserving individuals get a higher profile on more well renowned record labels. Madness. Utter madness. One day realisation will finally dawn on all the music lovers out there to just what they are missing out on. Here’s hoping it’s not too late.

There is a school of thought, although in truth more like a classroom, that says that minimalism in music is dull and far too easy to produce. They, the philistines, do not fully understand the complexity involved in creating such intricate patterns that are finely balanced to the nth degree. Ian Holloway does. His music attempts to go places where Maeror Tri failed to go. And there are similarities between the music of Psychic Space Invasion and Maeror Tri. There is. Trust me. On the one track, 43+ minute release "All God’s children got space" Ian takes electronic drones into another dimension. This one long undulating piece is the epitome of cathartic release. A monumental swirling revelation that manages to reach out and touch the void. There is an underlying sereneness to the music which is quite breathtaking when you let it permeate and take hold. Free flowing, ever expanding and changing, it envelopes the listener just as Maeror Tri accomplished throughout their work. Whether Ian classifies his work here as ‘pure drone’ is a moot point and one that can be argued at will some other time To me it fits that category and thus it will stay there.

Another reviewer called Massimo Ricci, credit where credit is due, described this work as a ‘minor masterpiece’ and you know…I’d have to agree with him. Damn him for getting in there first. If two different reviewers can share the same viewpoint then the release must be worthy of immediate investigation. But knowing things the way they are you’ll let this gem go undiscovered. Madness. It’s all around.


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