CD: Truculent Recordings 2d08 [2003]
Ltd x 1000

Troubled Sleep
The Zealot

Thunderous staccato, much like skipping through radio stations immediately foams at the mouth, segues into vesicating noise into which death industrial lyrics aspirate amid the storm of feedback and strangled electronics. The onslaught is worthy of purgatory, a textural and personal nightmare; the title "Troubled Sleep" is a worthy moniker. As far as death industrial/noise goes, Prurient easily stand shoulder to shoulder with the varied noise-mongers yet Prurient does not sicken its own work, preferring to use poetry taken from Jean Feraca's book, "Crossing the Great Divide" (at least on this particular release from Prurient). Curdled chunks of high volume noise hammer - earth compactor's come to mind - incessantly, rarely detracting from the exhausting ear-workout and there is less to distinguish tracks from each other, so short and brutal, yet that is not to say there are not differences; at times the music collapses into minimalist ambient noise. The mixing on the album leaves the music free of low-fi orchestration and is crystal clear track to track.

A limited edition of 1000, the album comes in a clear jewel-case with actual lyrics from the aforementioned book by Feraca - dark in its own right. Similar to some of the new Young God Records' releases in design, presented with people photographed in place of artwork, save for the mostly black CD, silk screened with four illustrations of bandages. Dominick Fernow (Hospital Productions) is Prurient including CD design.


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