2 x CD: Functional 015 [2006]

The Laboratory Is A Total Wreck
Gruesome (Chair Et Crochet)
Notre Fin Sera Solitaire
Fin De Siècle
Acte Spontané
Acte Commandé

... Prologue
La Petite Fille Au Bout Du Chemin
Dans Les Veines...
Hotel Earle "A Day Or A Lifetime"
Wood Trash. (Survival Version)
Signal H
Joshua's Day

Nearly six long years have passed. Six years searching the Internet to no avail. Six frustrating years that have finally ended. Up to that point my desperation levels were so high that not only was I sending out a monthly request to my record dealer (pissing him off no end), but I had even started making appeals in my reviews. "Release "Un Dechainement De Violence & Cleanshaven" now!!" I demanded. But no-one seemed to hear my plea. The talk was that they would appear, but when... who knows? And now here they both are. In one package. The Holy Grail of music - for me, anyway. To explain this we have to go back in time. Back to the year 2000. A year that was to change everything for me. Let me explain.

In the year 2000 Propergol released the seminal "United States" CD. A release like no other I had ever encountered. As a fan of what we call "power electronic" music I was well up with all the movers and shakers within this genre. Megaptera was still my king with an ever growing line of pretenders to the throne waiting patiently in the wings. Propergol was the upstart who came, saw and conquered taking me completely by surprise. "United States" took power electronics and shook it about whilst ripping it to shreds. A new rule book was written. The author was one Jerome Nougaillon. For every upside though there has to be a downside. The downside being in this case the two criminally limited, 99 & 200 copies respectively, CDRs put out previously by Jerome in 1997 and 1998. And thus my frustrating search began. And here it ends. Released at last. In one glorious package that does the music proud.

"Un Dechainement De Violence & Cleanshaven's" 7 & 9 tracks laid the foundations for "United States". On these early releases Jerome builds the fledgling Propergol sound. A sound steeped to the high heavens with awesome power noise excesses that are capable of making ears bleed. The sound of skinheads kicking in the front door looking for fresh meat to beat to a pulp. A sound that floors you yet cannot be ignored. Coupled with the unrelenting / uncompromising music is the sample infested passages. These samples, taken from every known media, adds the flesh to the bones. The majestic depth to partner the glorious crystal clean electronics. Listen to 'Acte Commande' and see what I mean. To sound so fresh today is quite an achievement. In fact, if "Un Dechainement De Violence / Cleanshaven" had actually been released after "United States" I would still be raving about them. They are incredible recordings that no self respecting power electronics fan can be without.

What Jerome achieved, and continues to achieve, with his Propergol project is taking power electronics onto the next level. A natural progression for the genre. Making power electronic music an invigorating experience that blows away all the competition. The birth of Propergol began with "Un Dechainement De Violence & Cleanshaven" and now, the wait is over. These releases are everything I could ever have wished and dreamed for. The precious days & months fretting forgotten about. Propergol continues to rock my world. I wouldn't want it any other way.


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