CD: Annihilvs APEX004 / Stridulum Recordings STR-010 [2006]
Ltd x 500

Air Route Traffic Control Center
Malfunction Check List
Cockpit Voice Recorder
Instrument Landing System
Ground Proximity Warning System
Electronic Flight Information System
Portable Breathing Equipment
Flight Data Recorder
Cabin Altitude Aural Warning
Alert And Collision Aviodance System
Engine Indication And Crew Alerting System
Auxiliaire Power Unit

Propergol rocks my world. No two ways about it. Jerome remains top of the tree of power electronic music as far as I'm concerned. One who continually manages to meet the heavy expectations he's forever burdened with. We Propergol fans are a demanding bunch. The latest release must be better or at least equal to the last one. Perfection, if possible, must be beaten. No pressures there then. He only has himself to blame. Anyone who releases "Un Dechainement De Violence", "Cleanshaven" [read review here], "United States", "Renegade" and "Program Vengeance" [read review here] must understand the way we feel. A body of work that thrust power electronic music into the stratosphere demands nothing less. Surely he would never let us down? The fingered hesitated over the 'play' button and.....

"Ground Proximity Warning System" is Propergol∑ - but not like we know and have come to expect. This is Propergol moving in a slight deviation from the norm. Propergol light. Propergol re-invented. The latest 12 track opus from Jerome ditches the more thunderous, wildly careering out of control blistering, electronics for a more darkly ambient feel. A more measured musical approach, which places greater emphasis on all the samples being utilised, turning "Ground Proximity Warning System" into an almost 'concept' styled recording. In fact the samples actually dominate this release more than any other Propergol recording to date. Anyone suffering from aerophobia (fear of flying) will find this release highly disturbing. They will never, ever, set foot in a 'great mechanical bird' again if they hear this. The samples deal with radio chatter from pilot to aircrew and pilot to Air Traffic Control as some situations start getting dangerously out of hand and disaster looms. Visions of spiralling aircraft falling from the sky litter the recording. Starting at takeoff we follow the journey of various aircraft on their journey through the skies. Warning alarms are replicated or replayed as malfunctions soon set in with Jerome‚s music adding the suitable effects for all the technology gone haywire.

"Ground Proximity Warning System" is a deeply unnerving aural experience that places the listener as voyeur to unfolding events. You sit transfixed by all the voices and sounds being transmitted around. Compelled to discover more. Much like passing a car crash it's impossible to turn away and ignore. And ignore this I couldn't. I've replayed it constantly.

"Ground Proximity Warning System" is the most accessible and highly charged Propergol release to date. The trademark harsh electronic rush giving way to a more mellowed down sound that loses none of its raw emotive power. "Ground Proximity Warning System" is absolutely, irrefutably, an incredible aural experience that you will never forget. Not now. Not ever. The best just got better. Propergol still rocks my world. Always has. And on this showing... always will.


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