CD: Nextera ERA 2033-2 [2003]
Ltd x 1000

AM 1
AM 2
AM 3
Dream Of The Occupied Tibet
For Your Ears Only
El Paso
Alien Dance

"Antimother" is a release from the Czech Republic's ‘Project the Three’ that is anything but off putting. In fact it has the totally opposite effect by continually drawing you back to it long after its finished. Dilemma time. How do I express to you just how magnificent this recording is without you thinking I’ve been paid to write up a glowing review by the band? By telling the truth that’s how. Nobody paid me a cent. I paid for this myself and thank fuck I did. "Antimother" is a mix of dark ambient and experimental music that weaves a magical spell transfixing you in wonderment to the sonics you’re hearing. Part rhythmic, part dynamic, part hypnotic, part alluring and a sum of all the parts. Think of it as a musical journey to the ‘heart of darkness’ and beyond where the light that shines at the end has made the personal endeavour so worth while.

One of the most essential and great releases so far this year that comes to you very highly recommended.



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