3" CDR: Isolated Society IS002 [2003]

Tornaviaje I
Tornaviaje II
Culminacion y Profecia
Dolor Eferno

Where did these guys come from!?!? This new and unknown Spanish project give us their self-titled 5-track masterpiece which simply cannot be ignored.

'Tornaviaje I' is a short piece involving deep, echoing shards of dark ambient and light percussion, leading swiftly onto my very favourite track of this little diamond, 'Tornaviaje II'. Here nautical horns (ala A Challenge of Honour or Folkstorm) are flagged by clangs and deep drones, leading into some really fantastic layered rhythmic electronics and samples. This piece is sinister and sometimes threatening with swirling drones reminding me of Inade. 'Culminacion y Profecia' is a massive dark ambient piece with clinks and clangs and all things nice. There are some neoclassical moments in here along with abrasive samples and drones. Quite a mix of styles build up and crash down with evident Brighter Death Now influences shining through. 'Dolor Eferno' is a short, rollercoaster of a track with screams and breathing - very dark and sinister. The finale 'Epicedio' is bound up with howling winds, drones with sparse clanks breaking the serenity. Large, chugging rhythms (much in the old CMI style) give way to gorgeous keyboards and drums.

This is fucking essential. See the review for the twin release from Pur Désir.


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