CD: Eibon Records / Blade Records PPF38 / WMDA048 [2003]

La Belle France ( jusqu’a la mort)
Sweet victim of Fanatism
Workers in Action
La Belle France (sans-patrie)
La Belle France (sils osaient)
Abortion Technologies
La Belle France (12 balles)

Anyone who heard the last release by the Plastic People Foundation, the excellent "Les Annees de Soviet" on the Art Konkret label, will know exactly what to expect from this latest release. For the uninitiated here’s the low down. Take the old school ‘Industrial’ histrionics of early TG & SPK and add a slightly modern twist to the electronics then overlay the whole caboodle with shouty French language. There’s something undeniably sexy about shouty French language. What’s being ranted about matters not a jot. It could be the current political situation within the country or the high prices of garlic. I don’t know. I can’t speak French and I’m too old to start now. It doesn’t stop me getting a tingle down my spine whenever I hear it spoken / shouted which is all that matters.

Think of "La Belle France, 1900" as a nostalgic trip down a retro memory lane, but with shouty French language, and you’ll be in for one hell of a fun ride. Very enjoyable. Please note I didn’t rip the piss out of the French this time. A first for me. Must be mellowing in my twilight years.


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