LP: Steelwork Maschine [2005]
Ltd x 500

PPF: La Grande Colere
PPF: Raymond La Science
ICK: Erosion Of Liberties
ICK: Lonely Boy
ICK: Order Disorder
ICK: Our Misery

PPF + ICK: Decheance Transparance
PPF + ICK: All This Solitude Destroys Me
PPF + ICK: Inner Revolution
PPF + ICK: Codeine Blues

Although I have not heard the entire recorded output these French projects, I have at least heard an album, or few tracks from each. And given the strength of PPF’s LP released on StateArt in 2000 I was expecting rather big things from this LP. With respect of this particular release it constitutes a part split & part collaboration, where the LP contains 2 tracks by PPF, 4 tracks by ICK & 4 collaborative pieces between them both.

Things start off promising enough for PPF with 'la grande colere', a track with sweeping analogue textures, mutated distortion & agitated/ flanged vocals. Managing a quite straight forward power electronics sound, things get more interesting when a funky, almost reggae styled programmed rhythm kicks in - by all rights this should not work, but it does! Yet as PPF’s second track amounts to little more then a minute speech sample with underlying industrial noise, it does not warrant a greater mention here (lets just call it an outro shall we?).

As for ICK’s 4 tracks, these follow a rather an old school analogue rhythmic industrial style with the obligatory monotone, effects treated vocals. Yet as they are all relatively simplistic & straightforward, for me they really lack the brute force and visceral anger that makes such fare really come alive.

Moving onto the 4 collaborative tracks on the flip side, these seem to contain more of ICK sound then PPF given the heavily reliance on programmed analogue rhythms. Likewise rather then the tracks becoming more then the sum of their parts dual to dual project input, the actual opposite occurs where the tracks sound bland and formulistic.

To cut to the chase this LP simply does not live up to my rather high expectations. I guess my issue with this is that it really amounts to that this type of music has been done before and a lot better – even by the standards of the projects themselves. To conclude this is really a release for extreme fans and fanatical collectors.


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