CD: Hermetique H-CD04 [2004]
With 3 artcards

Warped In Sickness
Etherized Erosion
Isolation Of Sores
In Order Of Derangement
Crumbling Personae
Cadaverine Deficiency
Grey Rat In White Morgue

I don’t usually abuse my position as a reviewer on Aural Pressure but for the first and last time I’m going to. Hermetique… please re-release the Propergol CDRs "Un Dechainement De Violence" & "Cleanshaven". These recordings are missing from my life and I need them so badly it hurts. Thanks. Sorry Jo . I won’t do that again. Promise. [I'll slap your wrists Al! ED].

The debut recording by Post Scriptvm was the CDR titled ‘Gauze’ on the Somnambulant Corpse record label. That dark ambient recording, although there were other different genres thrown into the mix over its far too short 36 minutes, showed great promise from this American artist but even I wasn’t expecting how much he would up the ante with this follow up. The first thing that struck me was how clean and crisp the sound quality was throughout "Marginal Existence"s’ eight tracks. Every note resonated with a clarity that made his previous work appear murky and muggy by comparison. This highlights his move into a more power electronics / experiment al dominated phase and is fully welcomed with open arms. The electronics employed cut with a ferociousness of a surgeons knife removing a cancerous growth.

The first two tracks are a bewildering sample rich mix of sounds that appear and disappear leaving you wondering where its leading to. The answer is the maelstrom of track three that surges with a ferocious sound to wake the dead. Will the rest of the record sound like this you will ask whilst trying to regain your composure? This cunning artist knows his craft too well. What you expect to happen never happens. He hits and runs like a terrorist at an ambush. Forever leading the listener on a merry dance of confusion. Bang!…here’s a quite piece dominated over by a sample that produces goose bumps before hitting the experimental noise button once more. He moves swiftly zig zagging into cover. Bang!…the build up of reflective ambience destroyed by throbbing pulsing noise and unfathomable voices. Unseen he begins his next ass ault…Bang!…another sample over an electronic beat foundation that is slowly pulled down into a degenerating shower of debris. Strike, retreat and regroup. The mantra of the skilled assassin. Make no bones about it "Marginal Existence" has the killers touch. You could compare the work to say later Brighter Death Now…even touches of Propergol can be heard here…but that would deny the artist his proper dues. The sound is pure Post Scriptvm working to his own methods and agendas. "Marginal Existence" is a no holds barred, no prisoners taken, recording that’s totally electrifying in every sense.

Lastly…a quick mention must go to the packaging of this cd which is housed in a special black envelope with four enclosed picture cards and does the artist and his work proud. I appreciate any label willing to put that extra bit of effort into making the visual package as exciting as the aural experience to be found on the recording.


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