CDR: Post Crash High [2005]
Ltd x 77

We're all sleeping and dreaming (and our dreams are nothing more than nightmares)
Ruby glass mode from the blood of peasants (dedicated to the glassblowers george w bush and tony blais; but who owns the factory?)
So much noise inside the mind (where one were cathedrals of sound)
The glorious modern civilization is falling (HURRAY! The factory of nightmares is almost closed)
Requiem for this world of becoming (Please welcome the world of Being)
In the clouds there are rabbits burning and screaming (with ties on their necks)
The world is burning, so let us waltz (it's almost as good as listening to the tale of "Long Lankin" under the influence of psilocybin)
The end of history is coming (and some rabbits without ties are back in the woods, dancing)
Politicians addressing crowds through their arse-holes, profiteers, drinking blood sweetened with shit (a vision of hell all around us, and the sound of purgatory at the end coming through the hole of the needle)
The order and equilibrium behind and beyond all things (Sun; Moon; positive and negative); the paradox and the True Joy

Everyone loves rabbits. The little doe eyes, cute fur and the way their ears stand up melts the hardest of hearts. Rabbits with neck ties though are a different kettle of…well…rabbit. Evil looking fuckers that need to be squashed under tyre treads. Little bastards intent on world domination hiding behind their sweet looks. Kill those fuckers now before it’s too late. Kill, kill, kill!! This tirade was my reaction to the cover of this debut CD / multimedia release by Post Crash High which features those elegantly attired bunnies in all their spine chilling glory. Bunnies on the front. Bunnies on the rear. Dancing bunnies. Dancing to the tune of death. Myxomatosis is too good for those cuddly cunts.

This very limited, only 77 copies available, ten tracked work has only one piece of music dedicated to our bunny friends. The aptly titled ‘In the clouds there are rabbits burning and screaming with ties on their necks’ which explains the cover rather eloquently and which thankfully is the only mention to Oryctolagus Cuniculus. ‘The apocalypse came yesterday and no one noticed’ is a rather beautiful expose into semi-tranquil music which utilises components culled from the electronic ambient, apocalyptic folk and experimental musical genres. Thus one moves freely from elegantly strummed guitar pieces through to dark sombre spoken passages onto drifting pastoral sound sculptures before diving headlong into beat driven electronic dark ambience whilst taking in the occasional noise fluctuations and much, much more. The music pleasantly surprises…nay… astounds at every twist and turn. Some of the tracks are very short, between one and four minutes duration, giving just enough time for them to impact and burn into the memory. Others are longer, upwards of twenty minutes, slowly teasing and highlighting the musical prowess on display. By utilising guitars, bass, keyboards, violins, percussion, bells, and some samples Post Crash High has delivered an outstanding (well I think so anyway) piece of work comparable to recordings by The Durutti Column or Coil at their finest but retaining an overall sound best described as sui generis.

The multimedia aspect of ‘The apocalypse came yesterday and no one noticed’ acts as a perfect companion to the music comprising illustrations, photographs and some text giving a greater insight to the thought process of the artist and adds that final dimension that draws you into this other world as envisaged by Post Crash High. Alice going down the rabbit hole. The only black mark to this otherwise first-rate recording is the absurdly small amount of copies available. Let’s hope they remedy that for the next release…and lose the bloody rabbits.


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