CD: Hive Records HIV.19 [2006]
Ltd x 500

Sona (Vers Remix)
Arrhythmia (Grenadier Remix)
Moment Of Comprehension (Manufactura Remix)
Seperator / Sona (Exclipsect Remix)
Embers (Censor Remix)
Mindless Logic Swallower (Liar's Rosebush Remix)
Archaic Voodoo (Raxyor Remix)
Holowh (Scrap.edx Remix)
Patternerase (Displacer Remix)
Slow Burn (Autoclav1.1 Remix)
Relentless (Retnah Remix)
Domination (Terrorfakt Remix)
Plastic Domination (Perfection Plastic Remix)
Minaire (Andraculoid Remix)

"[re-vis-cer-a]" is a part of what has become a trilogy of releases by Pneumatic Detach. First came the "[re-vis-cer-a]" album, then the "[re-vis-cer-a]" remix album and then the DVD collection "[e-vis-cer-ate]". For "[re-vis-cer-a]", Hive Records compiled an impressive list of big names from the industrial, powernoise and breakcore scenes and put them into battle with some of the new artists on the cutting edge of hard electronic music to remix original titles from the "[re-vis-cer-a]" album. The result is an intense collection of powerful reworks aimed squarely at dark dancefloors worldwide.

The common problem with remix albums is that they are either a mishmash of random unconnected reworks, few of which do justice to the original work or they are generally dull and unadventurous. Every so often someone will turn in a remix for an album such as this that gets repeated plays but the remainder of the album is overlooked. But then, although they are generally few far between, a remix album will come along that features consistently high quality remixes that naturally gel and compliment each other to form a coherent and consistent album. "[re-vis-cer-a]" is just such an album; dark, powerful, energetic and slightly disturbing in varying measures.

Right from the outset, "[re-vis-cer-a]" kicks in with the power noise and breakcore beats, blips, whirs and grinding sounds. Describing the music as just that however doesn't do it justice; it is totally uplifting and infectious. Aggressive, rhythmic or unnerving, each remix attacks their respective album track in a new and equally brutal way. Grenadier's reconstruction of 'Arrhythmia' sets the scene early on with soaring buzzsaw whirs and a pounding rhythmic beat. Manufactura's remix of 'Moment of Comprehension' is particularly dark and uncompromising, a swirling maelstrom of colliding industrial whirs and hard beats, complete with growling vocals to complete the effect. Censor's rework of 'Embers' goes into drum 'n' bass overload with some prog rock weirdness thrown in. Maintaining the mental breakcore mayhem is Retnah's remix of the appropriately titled 'Relentless'. Not to be outdone, Autoclav1.1 opt for a more rhythmic industrial power noise take on 'Slow Burn' and Terrorfakt adopt a similar approach with their deconstruction of 'Domination'. Rising to the challenge through the use of layered industrial drones and rhythmic mechanical pounding are Perfection Plastic with their rework of the same track. Continuing where they left off are Andraculoid with the stomping aggression of their 'Minaire' remix. The only time things slow down in any way is during Liar's Rosebush's remix of 'Mindless Logic Swallower' which is a steadily paced rhythmic rework with all sorts of agitated blips, nightwarish swirls, sampled voices and digital effects. Walking the line between experimental and breakcore is Raxyor's haunting remix of 'Archaic Voodoo'.

One of the strong points of "[re-vis-cer-a]"
is that it is not just a breakcore onslaught, some of the remixers - such as Liar's Rosebush and Manufactura - add some atmosphere to enhance the dark nightmarish undertones evident in some of the more aggressive remixes. This has the effect of making the whole album varied just enough to make it interesting without disrupting its flow or the cohesive feel of the varied approaches of the contributing artists.


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