CDR: War Office Propaganda WOP03 [2004]
Ltd x 100


Whenever you replay one track over and over again until your beloved tells you to…and I quote…‘change the fucking record you stupid fuck. It’s doing my fucking head in’ you just know that you’ve come across something special. I apologise for my wife’s language. Angel with a bad case of Tourette’s Syndrome that she is.

The track that my viper was expressing her disgust on was track 3 of the three track Pimentola CDr release "Tuoni Pauloo Tiukoin Sitein"…titled funnily enough 'III'. Hailing from the frosty wastelands of Finland comes this unknown group on the ever impressive War Office Propaganda label but disgustingly released to only 100 copies world wide. I’ll say no more on this for fear of my rage overflowing and writing something that could be viewed as libellous. The music of Pimentola is very much in the neo-classical / military style and is easily comparable and equal to other better known groups working within these genres. You should know who I’m talking about. Karl & Der & Von & West all spring to mind. The first track, titled 'I', features a nice spoken sample over which suitably hardcore orchestral flowing music envelopes the words. The second track, which you should have guessed is titled 'II', continues in the same vein but has a more folk(ish) dynamic to it before bursting into something Laibach would be proud to call their own. But 'III'…well 'III' justifies the price of the CDr alone. III is a repetitive, without becoming boring, tour de force of a track. Male choirs dominate over a great thumping beat and massively oppressive music the likes of which I haven’t heard for a long, long time. Breathtaking in vision and scope.

At three tracks and 21 minutes long "Tuoni Pauloo Tiukoin Sitein" may seem well short in terms of content but it more than justifies the asking price. Quality over quantity is what counts and "Tuoni Pauloo Tiukoin Sitein" oozes quality like puss from an open sore. Fuck it and fuck her. I’m going to put track 'III' back on repeat. I quite like hospital food.


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