CDR: Construct.Destroy 006 [2005]
Ltd x 150

And Now Eternity
Morning Into Light
Pangaean Hymn
The Cogwheel Turns
The Fall
The Golden Age

To be honest I wasn’t expecting much from this new project. With so many other releases out now…with very varying degrees of response from ‘utter crap’ to ‘not too bad’…my mindset wasn’t into reviewing another blot on the musical landscape. What the hell. Perseverance is my middle name. Actually its not. Nathaniel is though. Means ‘gift of God’ supposedly. So don’t fuck with me. Right!

Anyway this release is the first full recording from this act after a couple of limited 3" CDRs. Can’t tell you what they were like because I never heard them. Here’s another limited edition CDR from them. This time coming…so I believe…in a nice metal tin with only 150 copies available. Get yours whilst you can. My copy was a crappy flimsy paper affair but I’ll forgive them that indiscretion this once. At the time of writing their website wasn’t up and running…bugger… not the first time I’ve experienced these problems as regular readers can confirm. 64 hours later after writing this the and lo and behold it has magically appeared. Nice site. Lots of info. Full of pictures for lovers of that sort of stuff. Easy to navigate. Lush black backgrounds. Click and yea shall find all you need to know about them.

New release. New (ish) act. What’s it all about Nathaniel? First impressions count when hearing a recording and these are mighty fine impressions. There’s always room in the market for great and honest martial / neo classical music and ‘Homo Homini Lvpvs’ has eight exemplary tracks…with added dark Industrial atmospheres thrown in…of this finest / purest of genres. There’s nothing like a good bombastic score to appease the beast within. Add choirs, tons of startling rhythms, solemn miserable moments, pounding heart stopping orchestrations, beautiful melodic pieces and absolutely heavy emotive passages then tie it all together in clouds of foreboding and you have a…quite frankly my dear…a sure fire hit on your hands. For everyone to whom music should thrill and stir the soul this has been made just for you.

Fans of Raison D’etre, Sophia, Karjalan Sissit, Sephiroth and their ilk should open up their arms and welcome Phragments into their lives. The music of ‘Homo Homini Lvpvs’ is on equal par with anything put out by the fore mentioned acts. Yup…they really are that good. Snap this up whilst you’ve got a chance. You’ll also get a free tin as a bonus…which is something this ‘gift of God’ didn’t fucking get.


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