CD: Eternal Soul CD04 [2006]
Ltd x 500

Before the creation 
Through the mirror 
You cannot see the dragons eyes 
The funeral of the wizard 
Sleeping sphere 
Isle of the dead 
There is no light without you

Phelios is a German artist living in Wuppertal…nice ornamental fountains and pastry shops…and he is described as composing music that fits neatly into the words ‘dark’ and ‘ambient’…although I personally prefer the words ‘black’ and ‘atmospheres’. Picky I know but regular visitors should be used to my foibles by now. They’ll also know that I’ve reviewed countless such recordings since my tenure at AP and occasionally (read as continually) repeat the same phrases over and over again in trying to describe the music succinctly. The only differences being at the end of the pieces where it’s either slated or proclaimed as a work of great genius. Here’s something new then. An unknown approach which may or may not work and tried out for the first…and probably…last time. It goes something like this:

The mathematical equation for the Phelios release ‘Images and Spheres’ is as follows: Bog standard cd case + concise clear paper insert ÷ ( 7 tracks x 60 odd minutes playing time) + sonic journeys through time / space / earth ÷ mournful desolate pieces of music x cold clammy electronics + ‘what the fuck is that factor’ = 10∑ in one hell of a powerful recording that any ambient connoisseur worth his / her salt needs in their collection.

Now wasn’t that different? Far better than the boring old ‘taking you on a journey into the darkest recesses of the mind where the music plays deceptive tricks inducing a multitude of emotions’ or ‘the music instigates feelings of deep melancholy and regret with added fearsome effects’ or my favourite old chestnut ‘the haunting refrains remain embedded in the skull long after the music has finished’. All are equally applicable to "‘Images and Spheres" but doesn’t that equation above sum it up better? No! Fuck…back to the drawing board once more. Suppose I’d better use the last paragraph…predictably…to sum the recording up.

This release by Phelios (and I’m not sure if "Images and Spheres" is his debut - but if it is then ‘Wow’… now that’s what I call a debut) will be thought of, by those who actually manage to hear it, as one that will easily stand the test of time. A recording that is aurally stunning and mesmerizing that invokes so much that it’s almost a criminal act to stop it playing. No shit Sherlock. Even Brian Lustmord would look down in envy at "Images and Spheres"’. Hyperbole? No way. Why the fuck should I lie to you? Trust your instincts…and more importantly…my words and let the world of Phelios come into your life. It will be one of the best decision you’ve ever made.


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