CD: Erebus Odorus 007 [2005]
Ltd x 100 (Regular Edition Ltd x 500)

Eskilstunan Juopot Esittää
...And Then There Was A Riot Going On!
Mielesairaalaan Hakivat - Ällötävä Sika Perkele
Pilleriä Ja Hoitoa
Mattopiiskaa Huoranpennuille
My Fucking Prostitute Wife Came Home With A Disease
Raivokohtaus / Nervsammanbrott
Going Down With Vodka (Limited Edition Only)

Markus Pesonen - aka Karjalan Sissit - is (in)famous for his drunken antics at gigs all over Europe - rivalled only, it seems, by Lina Baby Doll - aka Deutsch Nepal. Must be something in the Scandinavian air...

From the beginning of this very limited release, you know that what you're about to experience is a million miles away from the Neoclassical sonorities of Karjalan Sissit. A clue from the outset can be found within the liner notes "Recorded during Pesonen's nervous breakdown, Mixed during Pesonen's hospital hours, Mastered during Pesonen's heavy medication." Nice.

I've grown more and more fond (if that's the right word) of this release the more I listen to it. The music is full on Power Electronics / Death Industrial with screaming Finnish vocals for the most part - with few subtleties or nicities to break the tension. The one exception would have to be the short track 'Avohoidossa', which is a delicately deranged excursion utilising looped samples (an old gramophone?) and an operatic Finnish female. As expected there are some insane asylum-type samples and a lot of banging and clanking around. But there is also a great rhythmic presence throughout and, for a seemingly insane soul, great structure too. Reminds me of Brighter Death Now in a lot of ways.

Lucky for me the folks at Erebus Odora saw fit to send us the limited edition version of this release, presented in a very nice monochrome digipak with the extra track. A great record for lovers of the darker side of PE.


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