MCDR: Beast Of Prey BOP 1.9 [2005]

Paranoia Inducta

Peine Forte Et Dure


Body Bag

"Sanctified Destruction" by Paranoia Inducta was one of the great recordings released that never got reviewed on Aural Pressure. Which was a great pity as everything from the packaging to the music reeked of style and class. If Dark Ambient with rhythmic Tribal leanings is your thing you seriously need to search it out pronto. I know this because I managed to buy a copy from my regular dealer who was very happy to take my money. Thanks to me he now has more bling round his neck than Mr T from the ‘A’ Team ever had. Halleluiah and praise the Lord was the words I squealed when this split cdr arrived for review. More Paranoia Inducta is not enough Paranoia Inducta for my insatiable appetite.

"Body and Steel" is a 20 minute CDR giving Paranoia Inducta & Moan a 10 minute track apiece in which to display their wares. First up is the Paranoia Inducta track ‘Peine Forte Et Dure’ which showcases their approach to music. Starting slowly with distorted voices and electronics it gradually builds into a ritual tribal beat where the looped vocals and atmospheric electronics blend and mesh together complimenting the pounding percussions. This track was so immensely enjoyable and satisfying that I kept re-playing it. I just couldn’t get it out of my head as Kylie would say. If Paranoia Inducta was the heroin rush then Moan was the come down and cold turkey. Here the music is very experimental and slightly avant-garde with dark ambient flourishes. ‘Body Bag’ appears to be made up of field recordings which have been deconstructed / reconstructed by the artist with additional sound sources thrown in. Here the layers of processed sound are carefully crafted into a piece of music that is challenging to the ear but has a hidden beauty that fully realises itself over the course of the 10 minutes. Perseverance is the byword. Go with the flow and reap the rewards with music that dares you to last the course.

"Body and Steel" is a recording of two totally opposite musical styles that works by complimenting each others different take on music. Worth purchasing just for the Paranoia Inducta track alone. The alternative music of Moan is a joyous surprise worth hearing.


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