CD: SSSM 103 [2001]
Ltd x 500

Weight Of The World, A Long Day's Tango Into Night

Message starts: Hi Jo. Thanks for sending me this record to review. I know I said I would review any old shit but I didn’t mean that quite so literally. Please advise me on how you want me to review this.

I could, I suppose, start by saying that "The Weight of the World" is the work of P Miles Bryson and that "A long days tango into Night" is one long track of 50+ minutes. Then I could possibly add that Mr Bryson has produced a piece of experimental music that undulates back and forth between quite and loud passages. That there are ripples of water like glitches and a smattering of piano and some sonic overload also thrown in for good measure. But here’s my problem. I didn’t like it. I found it boring and dull in extremis and there wasn’t anything in it I hadn’t heard done a thousand times better before. I don’t want to appear negative so please advise me how I should let Mr Bryson down gently. I know you’ll say that I should look for positives within the recording and write those up. I’ve tried Jo. I’ve tried. I can’t find a singular moment within it to enthuse about. Even the cover, which Mr Bryson was also responsible for, is rubbish. Should I say something along the lines of ‘may appeal to those looking for a challenge in music’? Or maybe ‘a journey into the avant garde that’s not for the weak willed’? Or should I just tell the truth as I see it? Please reply asap. Cheers. Al.

PS…I’ll still get paid for a bad review won’t I? Message ends.



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