CD: Some Place Else SPECD05034 [2005]

An Der See
Ein Wirbel Fährt Auf
Was Hast Du Hier Geweckt?
Die Widerhalle Der Vergangenheit
Ein Undergegangenes Kloster
Hören, Vielleicht Vergessen
Hin, Aber Wie Zurück?

Although an unknown quantity to me, the biography places Ovro as being a female solo artist from Finland who started recording in 2003, with this being their 4th album. The bio further describes Ovro as a project creating cinematic isolationist dark-ambient soundscapes, which is also spot on in this regard.

Seven interlinking tracks make up the 40 minute span of this album, where on one hand the atmosphere is one of being on a blustery windswept cliff, whilst the other draws the listener down into sonar toned aquatic depths and expansive cavernous realms. Subtle loops and tonal shifts give off mild variations to the minimalist compositional structures, yet there is amply going on here to be constantly engaging. Particularly when listened to through headphones the album presents a evocative, surreal and abstract experience that is certainly visually stimulating for the subconscious imagination.

Concluding a minimalist review for a minimalist album, this is a release well worth your attention.


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