CD: Heidrunar Myrkrunar HEIM003 [2005]

Black Moth
Nithtime In Sonnenheim
Summer Solstice
My Black Faith
Wonderful Wonderful Sun
Hollow Upon Hollow
Lieblos Hin Zur Dunkelheit
Hail Hail Hail II
Here's An Ode
I Shall Feast
Like Wolves
Winter Solstice

Finally the forth CD from this Danish group has been released, with huge expectations from the neo-folk scene. Likewise although being a number of years in the making, "Sonnenheim" more the amply lives up to the expectations foisted upon it.

Although the formula of what the group is known for may not have been drastically altered, what makes this the strongest album to date is the depth and focus shown across the 14 tracks. With a reduced number of the ritualistic tracks as prominently featured on earlier albums, the greater majority here are built around the central use of cyclic strummed acoustic guitars, spoken/ whispered vocals (with lyrics being preoccupied with northern runic mysticism), further embellished with layered keyboards, chime percussion, martial oriented drumming and even accordion on a number of tracks (played by guest musician Andreas Ritter of Forsetti).

Whilst the prior comparisons to Death in June certainly remain here, in some ways these have been reinforced, particularly given that Andreas also played guest accordion on the neo-folk oriented tracks on Death in June’s "All Pigs Must Die" album. Although it is entirely clear where Kim Larson’s predominant inspiration is drawn from, when music is done with such quality and flair, it is not merely a matter of him simply aping someone else’s sound. Rather it could be said that OTWATM are now the main contender for carrying the torch as a bright beacon for the genre. As such "Sonnenheim" certainly deserves of all the positive attention it is receiving.


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