2 x 3" CDR: Ambimorpheous Recordings AR002 [2006]
Ltd x 50

Deep in Prayer I
Deep in Prayer II
The Way to Murder (Abraham's Song)
The Want To Be God
...No Greater Sin

‘God told me to skin you alive’. ‘Jesus died for somebody’s sins but not mine’.** Award yourself a smart arse point if you can name the two artists and songs that start with those words. (Answer at the bottom of the review)

Religion. Where to start. Responsible for countless wars all in the name of God. Whatever God that may be. Scandals over sex allegations and missing money ripped off from the gullible from the so called holy ones continue on an ever increasing daily basis. It never ends. Religion is everywhere. Different denominations vying for attention craving to save your soul. Bodybuilding for Jesus on television for fucks sake!!. I’ve seen it. The world of music is a breeding ground for artists wanting to spread the word of God through song. From heavy metal poodle rock in spandex cock bulging trousers to Country and Western good old boys and gals. The list is endless. So it comes as something of a surprise to find an act seemingly steeped in religion plying its beliefs through dark ambient sound sculptures. Surely some mistake? Well I’ll remain open minded for now.

This debut release by Order of Melchizedek comes on two 3" cdrs, in a very impressive 12 page Vellum and cardstock piece of packaging, and is limited to 50 copies. With proclamations stating ‘Fall on your knees and pray’ and ‘Repent sinner only God can save you’ hitting out from the packaging there can be no doubts as to the veracity of the beliefs on show. The title "Domine Ex Audi Vocem Meam Domine" means Lord, Hear My Voice, Lord and this is where I begin to have my doubts.
For the six tracks are very dark and oppressive pieces of music. Touching on the blacker side of ambient and power electronics the music is as dense as fog over old London town and just as creepy. The artist Darin M Sullivan knows how to build on the tantalising atmospherics and his way of holding the attention through his music cannot be faulted. For here doom and gloom is written large upon the stone tablets. The music of tormented souls forever being tortured in Hells bottomless pits. But what is he trying to say? Is there a message to be discovered here? Those are the questions I’ve been pondering since playing this dark opus. Is it that by going to the Lord he will guide and protect you into the light? Is it that this is what awaits if you fail to bring religion into your heart? Or is it a mighty pisstake? A joke conjured up over a six pack and some smokes in some run down bar on the bad side of town whilst sticking $5.00 bills down a strippers knickers.* Only Darin knows… and I doubt if he’s ever going to let the cat out of the bag.

Therefore the religious connotations remain debatable. Read into the paraphernalia what you will. See the light or remain shrouded in darkness forever or just ignore it completely and sit back and enjoy the music for what it is. Which is an excellent debut that travels the path of bleakness with mature aplomb and is highly recommended. The Lord moves in mysterious ways and none so more than on this release.

* Darin is happily married so he probably hasn’t been near a stripper in his life. The sentence was my own artistic licence to get my point across. Best get that in before any dumbass fucker out there starts a nasty email campaign against myself.

**Dead Kennedys - I kill children Patti Smith - Gloria



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