3" CDR: Ambimorpheous Recordings AR007 [2006]

Twenty Minutes Til Executionn

The subject of the death penalty in the UK raises its ugly head every few years… normally after the latest public outcry over some heinous crime committed by the scum of the earth. We had it once, a long time ago, until the wet eared liberals in government succumbed and had it removed as a form of punishment. Now we happily jail the scum for a couple of years before releasing them back into society to murder and rape again at will. Justice the British way. In the USA they have a different take on the subject. They’ve been shooting, hanging, gassing, poisoning and sending the scum to old sparky with a gusto to has to be admired. The fact that they also allow their scum easy access to guns with which to perpetrate the crimes hasn’t quite sunk in yet. Gun lobby 1. Innocent bystanders 0. Way to go land of the free and trigger happy.

Order of Black Vision consists of members from Order of Melchizedek, Black Mayonnaise and Murderous Vision (easy to see how they came up with their name) and "Twenty Minutes Til Execution" is a 20+ minute single track release that is possibly one of the most intelligently thought provoking pieces of music I’ve heard that covers all the bases regarding the execution of a criminal in America. Using the simple premise of dark experimental electronic ambience as a backdrop over which every side of the execution is covered by spoken worded samples taken from the victims family, executioner, press, priest and others involved in the act of taking that one persons life. The music has a suitable haunting black alien feel that never intrudes on the shudder invoking words as the realisation dawns that the death penalty affects so many different people who partake in the final act of retribution and justice. The listener becomes a voyeur with a front row seat as the perpetrator gets to meet his maker. The crowds outside singing hymns to God for a good job well done.

All of which raises the question of how valid is the death penalty in today’s age? To some it reduces us to mere barbarians still living in the dark ages. To others it’s a means to an end. The ultimate deterrent to protect the populous. Although, with Death Row permanently filled with those awaiting execution in the USA, just how much of a deterrent it is becomes itself questionable. "Twenty Minutes Til Execution" is not only a recording of great depth but it actively encourages debate over the merits of this eye for an eye punishment. Consider it a companion piece, or the missing link, between "Buyers Market" by Peter Sotos, "Green Eyed Demon"’ by Vond and "Prisonblood (murder 1,2,3)" by I:Wound. An incredible release, conceptually and musically, that is, quite frankly, beautifully executed (excuse the pun) and absolutely spellbinding. Your views may change forever after hearing it.



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