CD: Divine Comedy DC031 [2004]

L'Orchestre Noir
Dying in Berlin
Reward the Guilty, Punish the Innocent
Les Altérations Cadavériques
L'Alliance Nouvelle et Eternelle
Hate, Revenge, Power and Blood
Triumph of Death
Strong New World
Mass Murderer
Redemption / Sedition
Melodie d'un Songe

"Mass Murderer" is the second album by the french formation Omnicore, and band that describes itself as "Classical Instruments and electronic martial beats play a cold funeral march" and reality is not far from it. The album is long and the music is overall slow but quite full of variation between each track and doesn't get tiring. You can hear influences ranging from many distinct acts, from A Challenge of Honour to Sophia or Fin de Siècle, with very high quality sinths and some sampling of classical pieces, I personally recognised a couple of parts but the casual listener won't notice a thing since they are edited and altered.

Lyrics are both in English and French, the vocals also change from male to female, but they should have kept only the male vocals, even though the guy has a strong French accent, it's only clear on the very few times there aren‚t any effects (on 'Redemption/ Sedition' mainly), as for the female it's only spoken vocals with her ugly voice that was really out of place, ridiculous at times, but fortunately her participation on the album is short.

The whole recording has an very somber and apocalyptic feel with creative compositions, and features some nice early XXth century fetish photography on the artwork, I expect some good things to come out of Omnicore in the future, and they will hopefully remove or change the female singer.


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