MCD: Ninth Circle NC021506 / Misanthrope Studio MS018 [2006]
Ltd x 500

When All Your Ghosts Are Tired
And All Their Eyes Are Shut

This should be an easy review to bung together. Only two tracks on it so I shouldn't have to expend too much energy into it. Good. Because I'm knackered. Age is taking its toll and I can't live it up like I used to. Can't actually get it up like I used to either, but that's another story which I should be telling my doctor about. So forget I've just mentioned it. Appreciated. Omei, a side project from Mr Sickness himself, have a few releases already out, although this is the first one I've ever heard. Comparisons to previous music is therefore nil and void. On this latest endeavour Chris is joined and helped in places by James Keeler (Wilt) and Joe Colley (Crawl Unit), who provided source material to help the two pieces ebb and flow.

Knew I forgot something. "When all your ghosts are tired" is a two track affair. Two very long tracks, so value for money is the order of the day. Track one: 'When all your ghosts are tired' is a 34+ minutes piece that mixes drone with noise. Starting off almost inaudibly the music slowly develops, piece by marginal piece, before exploding in a cascade of aural disharmony and high pitched resonance before slowly subsiding into the ether at the end. Almost sexual in nature if you ruminate about it. The power being coaxed up by gentle stroking before the dynamic climax and blood returning to normal limp end. Or is that just me thinking of my problems again? The utilisation of synth loops and electronic frenzied noise, plus Mr Keeler's input, helped in creating this dazzling effect whatever way you ponder it. Track two: 'And all their eyes are shut' is a slightly different ball game all together. Here Chris goes for an all field recordings and manipulation experimental piece, ably assisted by Mr Colley, which clocks in at 22 + minutes. The atmospheres created are alive to the sounds of static flying through the air, empty spaces not totally devoid of life, creaking frames, pipes all a rumbling, grates slowly squeaking, echo and reverb being the mainstay that holds it together. It reminds me in places of the Anna Planeta - "S/T" & Sleep Research Facility - "Dead Weather Machine" release who went, kind of, down this same path. The only difference being that Chris & Joe mash and mush up the sounds near the end in a display of outlandish aggression.

"When all your ghosts are tired" was a fascinating recording all round. The two very different styles of music actually complimented each, although both included noise elements to them, and was an eye opener for myself not used to the music of Omei. Which considering I'm not the number one fan of Sickness shows how much this music has affected me. Or is that afflicted? Can never remember which. What I do recall though is that my 57 minutes in the company of Omei was of the utterly pleasurable kind and one I'll return to often. Seriously worth investigating and investing in.


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