CDR: Roil Noise 009 [2005]

Tinted Pink
Tinted Blue
Kuatan w/rabbit girls
The Scattering Pt. 1
Nexus Of All Personalities
The God Makers
Chapter t437
Whats With The Waterworks? omeggga:blue mix .882
The Scissormen Are Coming
Conflicting Data
Pink Evolution
Host Pt. 2
Prime Blue 596
The Scattering Pt. 2
The Scattering Pt. 3
En Sabah Nur
...Or...And...If (omeggga:blue vs the Scissorment, Live 1991)

The spelling of the name is a dead giveaway. Not content with just using one letter ‘G’ this artist goes for overkill by using three of the fuckers. My spell checker was not impressed. Wacky by name. Wacky by nature. Hailing from Waynesville…bogus dude / awesome / we are not worthy etc…Ohio USA which is famous musically for…thinks for a moment…Devo…and…and…that‘s it. Jocko Homo my arse. Having released ‘hundreds’…his words not mine…experimental releases in various guises over the years…this I would guess then is number 305 in a continuing attempt to belligerently mindfuck one and all. Appearing on the Roil Noise label…home to likeminded nutters with a general disregard to convention…"Year:One" is 25 tracks of electronic sonic disruption bordering on insane soundscapes which makes the most extreme Avant-garde music sound like a melodic sing-a-long by comparison. Squiggle, squiggle, parp, parp, peep, peep, squelch, squelch, thud, thud, wiggle, wiggle, hiss, hiss ad infinitum . Sounds like a load of fun doesn‘t it? Like ‘far out maaan’. Christ he’s even got me spelling like him now.

All of which causes reviewers…well me anyway… a massive problem. When confronted with a mindset bent on producing music that is little more than assorted noises strung together then spewed out seemingly randomly and haphazardly all over the place, with little to no depth to them, but still invoking a strange sense of fondness to the racket trying to write said stuff up is a fucking headache. "Year:One" you see will appeal to only 0.01% of the visitors to this site. By setting its stall in the left of the leftfield…probably in a field of its own making… only dedicated followers of the totally obscure will find solace within. For this is a recording that will seriously gets on your tits after only 10 minutes subjected to it if you aren’t a convert. Hard going and patience sapping to the max the artist should be proud of the fact that he’s released a recording that had even this seasoned pro shaking his head and smacking the walls in disbelief at the screwed up music. A health warning sticker should have been stuck on the front to warn all and sundry to the hazards laying in wait within. Here’s to number 306 when it arrives…God save us all.


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