CD: Zone de Confusion ZDC01 [2004]

Vor der Wahrheit
Der Kunst
Verblasst die Realität
Zu Einer Lüge

"Tonfragmente II" is a CD of material which was first released on tape & CDr between 1999 - 2001 and is now available with extra bits on the sub division of Nuit et Brouillard record label. Objekt / Urian are a German duo whose music is a bit of power electronics, a touch of experimental noise and a smidgeon of black ambiance all coated in early Industrial music aesthetics. I went to their website to find out more about their work to help aid with this review and found…not a fucking lot actually. One grey page was all that appeared. Click on that solitary page and you go straight to an email address. Fabulous. Being a lazy twat I didn’t bother sending off an email for more information so the CD will just have to speak for themselves instead.

Thankfully "Tonfragmente II" doesn’t so much speak as screams at you in tongues. It starts off well with a track called ’Fog’ that has one of those irritating electronic beats that you can’t get out of your head even when its stopped playing. The ghost of Chris & Cosey reared up and gave this track a huge thumbs up. The second track has a throbbing swathe of rumbling noise over a harsh beat and some distorted voices and sing song samples. Suitably modern but cloaked in mid to late 70’s style. The music continued playing and I played a little game of spot the influence. Then I gave up. I could mention all those groups I found but that would spoil the fun for you. Let’s just say that tracks 6 + 7 are what SPK would have sounded like before they went into the forbidden realms of pop music. The principle reason I gave up trying to ‘name those groups’ from the past / present was that by doing so I was neglecting what Objekt / Urian had actually achieved with "Tonfragmente II". Put simply…they have breathed life into a rather neglected and stale genre and given it an original update it so richly deserves.

Objekt / Urian may bow in respect to their elders but they have carved their own personalities into "Tonfragmente II", creating one of the best Industrial noise releases you’ll have the pleasure of hearing this year or any other year for that matter. The music of yesteryear updated for today’s modern lifestyle.


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