3" CDR: Black Orchid Productions #52 [2005]
Ltd x 444

The Day The World Died
Night Sample
Day Sample
Winter Robed In Somber Unlight

"World of Ruin" comes as a CDR three inch with four tracks. The release is limited to 444 copies. Wrapped in very dark yet tasteful artwork, the four tracks presented here add up to about twenty minutes and are thoughtfully sequenced. This was, actually, the first Objekt 4 release dating from 2004. It is on the Slovakian imprint Black Orchid Productions, a label focused on ambient, dark electronics and experimental sound. Objekt 4 is the sole product of one Anders Peterson who is based in Sweden. From various processes and sound sources, he weaves soundscapes that not only fill space but also evoke space.

I like dystopic titles. I love the sight, sound and smell of industrial decay. The most inspired track of this collection has to be 'Day Sample'. The tension, the depth, the sheer brutal honesty of the textures - every aspect of this track testifies volumes about a world in ruins. Not to say that the other three tracks are not equally as well focused. In fact, focus and production values figure very highly in Objekt 4s oevre. Dark ambient this truly is with not nary a production detail or value compromised.


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