2 x CDR: Mask Of The Slave MS-001 [2005]
Ltd x 150

Among the shadows
Her Face

DTS 5.1

For their inaugural release, Transylvania‚s Mask of the Slave Records, present Her Face Among the Shadows by Stockholm based dark ambient experimentalists Objekt 4. Presented as a double CD-R set in a DVD box with full artwork, disc one offers the regular stereo CD version of the album while disc two contains the DTS 5.1 version for compatible DVD-players/receivers.

Being a dark ambient album, Her Face Among the Shadows focuses on texture, mood and atmosphere. Often exhibiting tense and ominous themes, each track starts with gently undulating tones, building on that base and adding swirling mists of sound and menacing atmosphere that ultimately increases in anxiety. Objekt 4's music would fit perfectly to an underground thriller or horror movie soundtrack, such is their ability to create atmosphere that builds and builds like an approaching evil. There is no better example of this in action than 'Among the Shadows' which echoes of imminent danger and bursts of adrenalin fuelled metallic clatters. It is only during the second half of the album that the mood changes and a more rhythmic, beat centred approach is introduced. 'Her Face' is built around soaring texture but adds abstract beats with a burst of alien insect attack effects to form a sense of desperate survival. The air of tense desperation continues through into the album closer, 'Foreverneverendeverend', where electrical buzzes and drones build before crashing beats and heavy bass deconstruct into a tranquil rumble before resurrecting themselves for an upbeat finish.

Clocking in at just 25 minutes, this 4 track album is more of an EP length, but it is more of a case of "quality not quantity" here as Objekt 4 focus on mood and tense atmosphere, succeeding in creating the latter to great effect and almost creating a story through the soundtrack of this release.


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