CDR + DTS 5.1 CDR: Deserted Factory DF020 [2005]
Ltd x 100

Stereo Disc:

DTS 5.1 Disc:
Floor 27 (Specimen Storage)

Adit to purgatory, an unwinding demesne of a purgator lost in an abysm of its own encrimsoned psyche endlessly pursuing hapless souls, Objekt 4 delivers a fugue of sub(terrene)-urban hell of recondite proportions with Facility 77. This ferruginous factory of nightmares, born from Sweden, is an impressive foray of isolation and claustrophobia where the interstices between the moments of hunter's closing are scant moments to calm one's nerves. A double album of sorts, Facility 77 features a stereo album CDR and a DTS 5.1 disc featuring altered track names and two extra tracks and given the fidelity of the ambience throughout the album it is well deserved in all encompassing surround sound.

Both albums are an inexorable journey through the refuse of a tattered complex with all tracks continuing to underscore the sarcous foundations. Haunting bells gloam miserably, their echoes pulsating vast vaulted chambers emanating from depths farther afield, the languorous moaning punctuated with strident clangour that leap from umbrageous doorways, pushing the listener deeper. Chains draped across excoriated concrete floors echo back to the listener with the undercarriage of mechanical larvae burrowing through the infinite hallways and tunnels. Footsteps tread ever closer, pushing on into abandoned surgical rooms strewn with the grisly papacy where internal windows provide unwanted glimpses into dormitories huddled with pallid faces and plump bodies. Throbbing chthonic heartbeats crack plaster to the musty linoleum lined floor, cadences mensurated against gargantuan squatting boilers filter before exploding in close vicinity. Finally one is tormented with the first sign of freedom, a thin sliver of meshed window espying the closed-in courtyard occluded with thunderclouds and steady downpour and while this reverie provides bare glimmer of hope it is prelude to the pursuit mechanical purgator relentlessly closing.

A limited edition release of 100 copies, Facility 77 is presented in a polypropylene case housing both cds, with full colour CD insert. Given that the 5.1 DTS disc features approximately 25 minutes extra soundscapes it is well worth a listen.


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