CD: Ravenheart 36 [2006]

No. 1
From The Disfigured Void
Stairway 2
From Beyond The Disfigured Void
Breath Of Sickness + Salivation
Encrypted 2
A Sky Of Bloodstained Steel (Roof Mix)

This is the second album from the Sweden based Objekt 4. There are nine extreamly dark soundtrack/scapes here. This is very deep stuff. Objekt 4 gets a big sound.

The artist's penchant for designing and combining sounds is impressive. The palette on this CD goes from organic to to ruthlessly synthetic. Reviews of earlier Objekt 4 releases have focused on the alleged "cinematic" nature of his work. To dismiss the output of this artist as "cinematic" is to miss the point of the genre we call (and that Objekt 4 works within) dark ambient. Given the definition and purpose of the genre, Objekt 4 excels at precisely what dark ambient is all about: creating a completely enveloping soundscape that is atramentous, foreboding and atmospheric. This is not meant to be "program music". It is not meant to tell a story or set up imagery. According to Brian Eno (who is credited with first defining Ambient Music), "Ambient Music must be able to accommodate many levels of listening attention without enforcing one in particular; it must be as ignorable as it is interesting."

Objekt 4 hits the mark right on with Extermination Processing Tower.


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