CD: Palace Of Worms PO21W-2 [2005]

Benedicimus Te
O Langueo
Non Eripit Mortalia
Anno, Mense, Die
Et In Spiritum Cubum
Ipsa Vivere
Quoniam Tu Solus
Jube Domine Benedicere
Ad Esse Infernum

This, the third release from O Quam Tristis, continues the medieval folk chambers the band previously explored, yet with this album the band finds a more introspective and meditative aeries in their blend of electronic and medieval styles. The French compact of five adorn and interleave their music and talents with four of the group being vocalists and all wielding mastery of digital and analogue instruments.

Inspired by secular medieval life and poetry O Quam Tristis distance their selves from the plethora of Christianized gothic medieval acts spicing up old sacred favourites and are further detached by the mesh of modern and centuries' old music. Stirring female vocals gliss gossamer under silvered orchestration proffering sinuous, popular interpretations of old melody in turn backed by the diversity of complimentary male and female vocal harmony. Electronic rhythms shuffle the listener's perception but the potent vocals permeate each track in polyphonic brocades, refined timbre of classically trained singers, like pagan incantations woven in the guise of reinvented folk. Without doubt the kaleidoscope of vocals set O Quam Tristis firmly apart from their brethren, with each vocalist distinct enough yet harmonious to work among each other; notwithstanding their intriguing and illusive rhythms and melodic instrumental interplay marbled amidst the dense foliage of the small choir one could almost forget that there is a great deal of electronic and modern backing behind the classic instruments so well hewn is each track.

A jewel case release of gradated textured card inlay and booklet of full eight-page colour replete with lyric sheet featuring the artwork of French 19th Century painter, Alphonse Muraton, featuring a grave digging monk contemplating his buried brethren below.


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