CD: Punch Records PP011 [2005]

Tan Lejos
De Espaldas
Nuevo Mundo
La Sangre
En Circulo
El Sueño
Tan Cerca

Hard on the avant-garde fringe of the recent collaboration with Novy Svet, also on Punch Records, is Ô Paradis' latest solo opus, a lazed bacchanal of orgiastic ambience and fluted folk. This album flows well from that creative mingling, extrapolating fragmented modern noise, glitch and tribalism with poignant and intimate vocals with disparate acoustic guitar.

Launching like a rummage through a garbage can, one finds the wonders discarded by those too slothful to repair or to recycle, but in Ô Paradis' talented appendages joy is discovered and combined. Demian's lyrics glaze across a courtyard of children with a panoply of percussive instruments delighting in their individual meters that somehow find lurching cohesion. There is oneiric fantasy among these tracks; horns tease jazz hooks to time warped sampling that peels like harpsichord, industrialized snare summers traditional folk, droned accordion swims and drowns in ambient splices. Despite the strong threads of sampled sounds the album conveys a puissant organic origin, if anything, where guitar and vocals serenade it seems less natural than where dichotomy and chaos have prominent hand. Darker tracks do surface, 'La Sangre', particularly memorable with its groaning maw of a bass and hypnotic rhythm, ensorcelled by ghosts and Demian's own haunting vocals.

"La Boca Del" Infierno is a short album, pushing barely over the thirty minute mark yet the ten tracks proffer a broad spectrum of the experimental in folk, or vice versa. Rather risque cover art may detract placement from the front of the shop CD stand, yet there's something inside for the women should they feel a little left out. The album is presented in a tasteful, well made digipak with full colour artwork.


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