CD: Antenna Records 003 [2005]
Ltd x 500

...Dying And Spanish Circle
Sawed Desert
De La Mancha!
Wested Desert
Cactus #0
Easted Desert
Far Away Inside
Pi Desert
Organic Reef
Raped Circle
O numéroté 0
La Trompette de L'Ange, Et Si Peu Encore...

My mother always says: never take anyone more seriously than they take themselves. I always do my best to follow my mother's advice. Unfortunately, I failed to read the literature which accompanied the duo "O's" release 'numero 0' before listening to it and as a result found myself impressed and inspired by the searching improvisations on this thirty-nine minute thirteen track first UK release by the French, self-described, "orchestra non-orchestra". I even liked the CD sleeve artwork. Subtle pseudo-organic pastel tones. Very soothing.

Then i read the wimpy apologetic disavowal that Yann from "O" stuffed into the CD sleeve. ""O" work against demonstrative music and believe the mastering of an instrument to be an illusion."

What? Hang on there, just a minute ago i thought that i had found another one of those rare masters of the guitar who really "got it". The exploratory interplay between acoustic and electric guitar, hand claps, electronics and sundry other sounds throughout this collection is sublime and inventive. Or so i thought.

"O" claim '"O" is not music...the listeners make it music.' Maybe i did - maybe i didn't. Who knows. What i do know is that i look forward to more from "O".


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