CDR: Toiko 10 [2006]
Ltd x 50


I’m in love. Love I tell you. This is the real thing. The only fly in the ointment being that she doesn’t know me. Hasn’t seen me. Nor met me. But that doesn’t stop true love. Bigger hurdles have been crossed before. Mind you I haven’t seen her either. And she lives in the Finland. Which thinking about it does cause some slight distance problems. Nothing that can’t be fixed though with a bit of perseverance and a swift bank robbery. The course of true love never runs smoothly. Let me tell you what I know about her:

Nyrja, or Antti Joensuu to give her her real name, is 49 years old. One year older than me. I can be her toy boy. She’s single. So far. Plus she an Aries. I’m a Sagittarian which means we’ll be star crossed lovers. That’s all I know. All I need to know. And there could also be the language problem. She releases music which is the big seller for me.

This is the second full release under the Nyrja moniker. Sweet, sweet music. This 50 copies only 8 track CDR contains 52 minutes of that sweet, sweet music that is really a bit of a showcase for her talents. Preferring not to get stuck in a rut she tackles all different styles of music. Industrial metal mayhem. Ambient of every colour shade. Blistering Noise. Some lo-fi post Industrial thingy. Drone. Even some tribal / ritual raises its head. Tackling all these genres, and being able to pull it off, is no mean feat. She awakens a desire in me through her music. There’s a fragile sense of being. Of lo neliness and suppressed desires. A haunting traipse through past memories. Dreams turning to nightmares. A hand stretching out for comfort. The darkness slowly encroaching. I’ll be your light. I’ll be your saviour. If you’ll just let me. Please…

But it won’t happen. Even I know, in my heart, this is the truth. For she will discard me as so many others before. I’ve given praise so my usefulness is at an end. I’ve written and been smitten. And she is an artist. One who creates. One who crafts. She has no time for such frivolities. She will go onto better things. Release even more works of art. To be admired by so many others who will fall under her captivating spell. She will forget I ever existed. But I have a permanent reminder of her. A release I will come back to as the months past. And I will think of her and what might have been. The tears will eventually dry up.


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