CD: Eibon NAV048 [2004]

Everything corrodes
Calipsia666 (adagio)
Unable to mantain a credible public persona
Love is unbruised knuckles
Listen, bitch !
This is no time fo rthe innocent
Corpus Lvtevm
I wish you weren't what you are
Love's executioner
How to know love from deceit
Eveyrthing corrodes (SKM-ETR mix)

Xmas and New Year. I fucking hate them both in equal measure. I’m writing this on Xmas eve and already I’m in a depressed state full of loathing at the yearly pantomime I have to perform to keep everyone happy. Smile. Put a brave face on things. Yeah right. I’ve overspent as usual and I’m already in deep shit with my bank. To compound matters the bills have already started coming in driving me deeper into debt. Thanks Mr Postman Pat. You can’t deliver my parcels but by fuck you always get the bills through on time. I need the gas and electricity and phone bills given to me 2 days before Xmas like a dose of the clap. Add to this my beloved ones inbreed family of retards coming to eat me out of house and home and expecting expensive presents in their needy greedy piggy ways and it’s no wonder I feel the way I do. Need release. Need something that expresses all my rage boiling away
rotting my soul and sapping my will to live. Thank fuck for NTT.

"The Arrow and the Wound" is the latest release from Mr Sickness himself taken from a limited edition CDR of 20 copies on the Annihilvs label with, I believe, additional tracks as a bonus. Brutal and confrontational power electronics is the name of the game. Here NTT is as relentless in his pursuit of total noise as ever with a relentless pounding noise that pummels and pounds eroding the senses. Dealing with his popular subjects of sex and death he cleverly incorporates the diligent use of samples and some beat driven parts with even strangely serene passages to counter the distorted screaming almost unintelligible lyrics and blasts of white noise that mostly prevail. Although not quite up there with his magnificent opus "The church of dead girls" it remains a potent recording seething with lust and hate. Power electronic music can sometimes be a stagnant mess stuck in the mindset that non stop overblown noise assaults set over a recording is enough to appease most fans of this genre. Thankfully NTT never falls into this category as his music retains a depth of ideas and originality that takes the concept of noise as music into another level.

With additional contributions from T. Spann, M. Slagle, SKM-ETR and others and coming in a digipak with stunning inside pictures guaranteed to set male pulses racing, unless they’re gay of course, "The Arrow and the Wound" is one hell of a fucking recording and the perfect antidote to all the pretend happiness on show at this time of year. ‘Tis music to calm the savage beast within all of us or throw us Lemming like over the edge of sanity and reason.


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