CD: Immanence IMMCD001 [2004]

It Gets Darkest Before the Dawn
A Rebours
The Pain Breathes in me Still, Tainting My Dreamspace
We Dissolve in Immensity
She is Like Winter
De Profvnois
It Gets Darkest Before the Dawn (Detritus Remix)
I Want to Worship at Your Altar

NTT has been responsible for releasing some of the greatest 'Power' electronics music ever to grace this genre. "Power Romance", "Scenes From The Next Milennium", "The Church of Dead Girls" and the truly awesome "I Fucking Hate You All and I Hope You All Fucking Die" CDs set the standards for 'in your face' aggressive music. Funnily enough I sent a copy of the latter release to my psycho sister and her husband for their anniversary. Hope they enjoyed it. "DWTPOHF" is a re-release of a limited cdr which has thankfully has been picked up by Immanence Records for all you purveyors of noise to enjoy and get excited about.

Listen very closely to what I'm about to say. This is not Perry Como 'easy listening' shit! Hearing "DDWTPOHF" is akin to taking a right good kicking on a Saturday night ruck. It hurts like buggery. It intrudes into your skull and stomps over your cranial matter. Your eyes will water, your stomach will churn and your ears will bleed. In other words - it fuckin rocks big time. Gimme distorted harsh vocals. Gimme twisted tape loops. Gimme sick samples. Gimme high frequency pain. Gimme, gimme, gimme. You've fuckin got it. With spades. But wait. What's this? Shit - it's a 'drum & bass' track! Let
's dance away like a rabbit in the dying stages of myxomatosis. Who said NTT had no sense of humour?

To recap. "DWTPOHF" should be sought out immediately and is an essential purchase for all you hardcore noise fanatics out there. I'm off to play it again. I need another pain injection.


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