10": Reue Um Reue RUR001 [2005]



The day started like just any other. I had a pile, it seemed bigger than it actually was, of reviews to write and wasn’t in the mood to do them. Nothing ever changes. My system was in full motion. I would stick a CD on then play my X-Box, with the volume on the television turned way down of course, just to get a general feel for the music before retiring to hear them over and over again before writing up my pieces. But today was to be different. Today was special though I didn’t know it at first. I was half way through a football game, doesn’t matter which one but I was winning 3 -2 with 30 minutes left to play, when I paused the game and put on this release by Novy Svet / His Divine Grace on the Reue Um Reue label. I didn’t pick up the joypad again. I couldn’t. I was totally transfixed by the music I was hearing.

Sitting on my sofa I closed my eyes and floated with the alluring heavenly sounds. Then the music stopped. I checked my watch and found that 26 minutes had passed without me even noticing. Disbelieving what I had heard I hit play on my remote control and closed my eyes once more. Surely it couldn’t be as good second time around I thought. Only it was. In fact because I was concentrating so much I was able to pick up the little flecks of magic that kept appearing and that’s when I felt a tear run down my face. Now…you tell me when was the last piece of music you heard that made you stop dead in your tracks and make you so emotional as to have salt run down your face.

Novy Svet / His Divine Grace each contribute a 13 minute track apiece that’s a homage to the millions of insects that die attracted to artificial light every night. If I had read that before hearing the music I would have scoffed at the sheer stupidity of the concept. Yet both acts pull of this fantastic feat of making you believe in the insects plight through the most incredible ambient music I’ve had the intense pleasure of hearing. From the spoken word passages and gentle fluttering electronics that are locked onto the rhythmic drumming the music conjures up this vision of doomed failure to reach the stars. I’m lucky to have all the CD recordings released by both these acts but on "Nachtfang" they have surpassed themselves musically. Which isn’t something I ever thought possible.

The only downside to ‘Nachtfang’ is that it’s released as a vinyl only 10” disc with 5 inserts depicting various insects limited to 525 copies. The only reason I got to play this was because the promo copies came as a CDR. If all of this labels output is going to be vinyl only, and only manages to be half as good as "Nachtfang", then I’m seriously going to have to get myself a record player. All the superlatives I can think of still wouldn’t be able to express the wonder that is "Nachtfang". Recording of this and any other month so far.


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