CD: Hau Ruck! HR!62 [2004]

The Singer Who Fell From Grace With The Song
Sexual Panzer
Border Patrol
When Love Has Gone Away
The King Of Obscene
Jeanie Regret Rien
Theater Of War
Clinical As Broken Bone
Rat Line (Live Wien 2002)

Bane Wolfkind (a pseudonym perhaps?!!) is an Australian musician who has been operating as Der Blutharsch’s drummer for the last few years. Novo Homo is his solo project, with “Private Hell” being the debut CD.

Following a parallel trajectory to Der Blutharsch’s ‘martial industrial’ sound, what sets this apart is the old school electro programming & treated monotone vocals. Opening with a very promising martial industrial piece, the second track likewise works extremely well with its fusion of orchestral sampling & electro beats, creating a decadent lounge bar styled atmosphere. These pieces alone however cannot redeem other album tracks that are marred by lack lustre programming, giving the impression of being unfinished demo versions.

As the lyrics contain some elements of dry humour at least Bane is not trying to be ultra serious, yet the album lacks a certain cohesive flair that would make it really come alive.


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