CDR: Void Rekordz 015 [2005]
Ltd x 100

Gegen Humans
Kill the Weak
Praise Hatred
This is how it Ends
Full Circle
The Time has come
Blood in your hands
No solution

A very limited CDR release, 100 copies, from the Void Rekordz label which comprises 8 tracks of the ugliest Extreme…or in this case Xtreme…noise pollution that I’ve heard since the last lot of bloody God awful music was thrown my way for review. Which thinking about it wasn’t that so long ago. It seems every man and his dog feels justified into releasing an opus of near un-listenable sounds every fucking week. It also appears that I’m the only sap to get the pleasure in deconstructing / reflecting on their efforts….someone’s got to do it.

"A-AFA" follows the standard template of all Extreme Electronics. Grisly controversial cover. The titles to the songs that speak for themselves. ‘Praise Hatred’, ‘This is how it Ends’, ‘Blood on your hands’…happy tunes for happy people. Or should that be dysfunctional tunes for dysfunctional people? The music is the usual blend of aggressive overblown piercing electronic frequencies…which will see birds fall from the sky if played with the windows open….and of course the staple screamed rhetoric which is sometimes disguised by effects. No points for originality there. Where NOTHINGISTTRUE do score highly on the review metre is that at least they / he / whoever has tried a bit of variety by adding subtle samples and quieter, if that’s possible, more refined passages into the mix…which comes as a welcome respite from the near impenetrable cacophony that dominates proceedings. Other than that though this is a bog standard…like it or leave it…fuck you anyway…release. Same old. Same old.

Now you’re probably thinking, or could be forgiven for thinking, that I don’t like Extreme Electronic music but you would be wrong. In fact given the right time and frame of mind I get off very easily on having my senses smacked around and my surroundings vibrating madly as the noise shakes the foundations. Unfortunately the market is saturated to boiling point with artists all wanting a piece of the Extreme music cake. All wanting to make their mark and take your money. It’s a buyers heaven. Pick and choose. The choices are endless. Ultimately though the problem with this genre is the music itself. Unlike, say, black ambient music it doesn’t warrant listening to on a regular basis. There for when you need it, but not something to enjoy hearing every day. If you desperately need another noise recording to add to your collection then by all means give "A-AFA" a spin. Suitably distasteful but acceptable within the parameters with which it has set its goals.


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