CD: Triumvirate [2001]

Words That Break The Teeth
Words That Dislocate The Jaw

I wish I could write eloquently. To be able to compose flowery prose is an ambition I've yet to achieve. I even have a Thesaurus but I'm fucked if I'm going to use it. The yobbish approach to wordplay works for me. Keep it simple. Keep it short. That's my mantra. Here's my latest example. Nothing fuckin rock. "TSOBTR" fuckin rocks. I spit on your grave Byron. Of course this approach is never good enough. You must add more information so visitors to the site can decide whether or not to buy the CD you are reviewing I'm told. "Fuck them" I say. Meekly, and through clenched teeth, I'm forced to comply. Track one is a mix from track two of the CD with added parts from the release "The Grey Subaudible" as sound sources. And it fuckin rocks. Track two was recorded live in the U S of fuckin A. And it fuckin rocks. What you get for your hard earned dosh are two huge slabs of sludge noise from the bowels of Hell. The soundtrack to your worst personal nightmare. Total aural blitzkrieg with a tune thrown in at the end for good measure. A jackboot to the nads. Noise distortion hounds rejoice. There's a new band in town. And they fuckin rock. Something from Nothing. You bet. Perspicacious tumult for the hoi polloi. Look it fuckin up numpty head.


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