CD: Cyclic Law 11th Cycle [2004]
Ltd x 1000

Black Emitting Oven
Scotopic Vision
Decomposition Of Forces

The dawning of another new year sees the return of the Great Bearded One in another extravagant musical endeavour. After releasing five…count them…of the best recordings in 2004 with Merzbow vs. Nordvargr - "Partikel", L/A/B - "Psychoacoustics", "I End Forever", "On Broken Wings Towards Victory" and his last collaboration with Drakh - "Cold Void of Nothing", the duo have teamed up again and hit pay dirt once more.

What people may not realise is that Drakh is not some bit player dragged in to make the odd sound or two. As well as being a prominent member of MZ412 he has also released a fantastic trilogy under the Beyond Sensory Experience moniker. Two titans working together to release another black ambient master class. For that is what essentially "Infinitas In Aeternum" is. Starting off with a repeated spoken sample stating ‘there’s nothing to be afraid of’ the music develops into a heart of darkness odyssey into the blackest regions of the soul. Over the six tracks the path to damnation is fully realised as the tension in the muggy surrounding sounds envelopes in a cloak of despair. The music highlights the escalation of foreboding by actually toning down the electronic effects creating a far more believable nightmarish landscape. It’s all in the subtle touches applied that separates this recording from the myriad of others being released. Uncompromising and doom and gloomy it may well be but there’s a freshness in the ideas expressed within the music making it a veritable pleasure to lose yourself in.

It is in a word…indispensable. A must have for black ambient connoisseurs and fan boys / girls of both artists.


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